NSK Tapered Roller Bearings, Single-Row Metric Design HR30309J ,D=45

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NSK Tapered Roller Bearings, Single-Row Metric Design HR30309J ,D=45


Boundary Dimensions
Basic Load Ratings
Limiting Speeds
Axial Load
d D T B C Cone r
Cup r
Cr C0r Grease Oil Y1 Y0
HR30309J 45 100 27.25 25 22 2 1.5 112 127 3800 5300 2FB 0.35 1.7 0.96 1.01



Tapered roller bearings are designed so the apices of the cones formed by the raceways of the inner and outer rings and the inner ring rollers all coincide at one point on the axis of the bearing. When a radial load is imposed, a component axial force occurs; therefore, it is necessary to use two bearings in opposition or some other multiple-bearing arrangement. For Metric Series medium-angle or steep-angle tapered roller bearings, the respective contact angle designation C or D is added after the bore number. For normal-angle tapered roller bearings, no contact angle designation is used. Medium-angle tapered roller bearings are primarily used for the pinion shafts of differential gears in automobiles.
Some bearings with high load capacity (HR Series) contain a J suffix that indicates they conform to ISO specifications for outer ring back face raceway diameter, outer ring width, and contact angle. Therefore, the inner ring assembly and outer ring of bearings with a J suffix are internationally interchangeable.
Some Metric Series tapered roller bearings specified by ISO 355 have different dimensions from past Series 3XX bearings. Some of these are listed in the bearing tables. These conform to ISO specifications for the small-end diameter of the inner ring and contact angle. The inner and outer ring assemblies are internationally interchangeable. The bearing designation structure, which has changed from the past, is listed below:

Inch Series bearings also exist. Inner ring assemblies and outer rings are approximately formulated as follows (excluding four-row tapered roller bearings):

Various arrangements of tapered roller bearings (excluding single-row bearings) are available.
The cages of tapered roller bearings are usually made of pressed steel.

Table 1   Design and Features of Tapered Roller Bearing Arrangements

Design  Arrangement Ex. Bearing Designation Features
Back-to-back HR30210JDB+KLR10 Two standard bearings are combined. The bearing clearances are adjusted by inner ring spacers or outer ring spacers. The inner rings, outer rings, and spacers are marked with serial numbers and mating marks. Components with the same serial number can be assembled by referring to the matching indications.
Face-to-face HR30210JDF+KR
KBE Type 100KBE31+L The KBE type is a back-to-back arrangement of bearings with an integrated outer ring spacer. The KH type is a face-to-face arrangement in which the inner rings are integrated. Since the bearing clearance is adjusted using spacers, components must have the same serial number for assembly with reference to the matching indications.
KH Type 110KH31+K



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